TIG Foods

Enjoy sumptuous dishes... Tingkat delivery*, simple & easy

*delivery to north, east and west (limited) regions

About TIG Foods

TIG Foods provides “tingkat meal” home deliveries for authentic halal Malay/Indo foods to the general public. Believing the key elements in driving the success of the venture are food quality and reliability of the order fulfillment, TIG Foods brings about the fusion of individual expertise that can fulfill these imperatives in bringing to the masses - quality, sumptuous food, reliable deliveries and reasonable prices.

Working in partnership with others, we create a fresh value proposition in meal delivery management operating a business model that leverages on the strengths of our partners in food preparation and logistics to ensure that customers get the best possible from these strengths. The result – tasty meals with good, reliable service.

TIG Foods is the brainchild of 4 like-minded professionals whose mission is assisting micro to medium businesses explore beyond their current operational realms. With a combined professional experience of almost 5 decades in infrastructure development, property management, infocomm, business development and logistics amongst its founders, our collaborative model is a natural progression for organizations keen to exploit our network, resources, strengths and expertise. We believe that there are many opportunities in assisting micro, small and medium businesses to realize their larger potential. Our vision is to nurture and direct such set ups to the next level and in so doing, participate in their operations which we eventually hope will pave the way to better prospects for all stakeholders.